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In constant liaison with the operational teams, our dedicated structures work to ensure a constant level of proximity

Our Values


We apply common sense no matter how great the challenges may appear. Everything we do is aimed at achieving results: we turn our analyses into real actions that ensure you very quickly start to see lasting benefits.


Our key objective is your cost-effective performance. Excellence, and its achievement, is our maxim. Through innovation, the sharing of best practice and the constant development of our equipment and human resources, we work constantly to identify the solutions for your challenges.


In every region, in the whole of the territory it covers, Transalliance works to build solid and enduring relationships with its customer based on mutual trust and partnership.

Our commitments


At the heart of what we do, safety is critical.

Whether this is the safety of our operational teams, or of your flows, we pay close attention to the integrity of our service provisions and to changes in regulations.

Our safety guarantee is achieved through:

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Our drivers are trained in safe driving at the Transalliance Académie®: training in new technologies (new digital time management card), technical training for the equipment, low adhesion surface driving training (for all surface coatings and climatic conditions) and Eco-Driving course. To find out more

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Using our Transics system, all our transport operations can be tracked. All our vehicles have advanced embedded computer, which means even greater security and reliability for the delivery of your products.

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Our network of tanker cleaning stations guarantees the absolute integrity of your products.

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Our 26 technical centres and their teams carry out the commissioning, maintenance, technical checks and repairs to our towing vehicles, including the annual replacement of 800 engines. All our vehicles have new engines (less than 3 years old) and include the latest technical innovations for the safety and reliability of your transport: for example every vehicle has a built-in RFID chip for measuring wear to the tyres.


The best way of ensuring that we deliver an optimum level of service is by establishing a consistent presence throughout the territory.

Thanks to the positive intermeshing of our teams, we are able to deliver a level of proximity that guarantees our teams have the necessary reactive capacities and on the spot presence. In constant liaison with the operational teams, our dedicated structures work to ensure a constant level of proximity, whether this is for European, national, regional or local scale projects. Our organisational structure based around regional operations ensures there is a tailored and detailed supervision for all service provisions, no matter how big or small.

Some business sectors involved specific challenges that require highly specialist knowledge. In ensuring the best possible responses to these challenges, our iron and steel, automobile, agri-food, chemicals, industry and retail experts will be your specific priority contact points from the design through to the implementation.

Sustainable development

The protection of the environment is a major responsibility we accept today, and for tomorrow. In reducing the ecological footprint of our business, we include all the environmental impact parameters right from the start of the design work on our solutions.

One third of our fleet is changed every three years, reducing pollution thanks to vehicle innovations that are ever-more environmentally friendly. The vehicles in our fleet satisfy the new Euro IV and Euro V exhaust gas emission standards. We have also chosen a parking heater system for all of our 1,200 MAN towing vehicles, as well as a second braking system for the whole of the group which ensures control over the tyre residues and improved road safety. The highly trained teams in our 26 technical centres carry out the ongoing maintenance and guarantee the reliability of all our vehicles.The voluntary road haulage industry Charter to reduce CO2 emissions (Charte d'Engagement Volontaire de Réduction des Gaz à Emissions de Serre et de CO2) with the French Ministry of Transports and the Adème.

Transalliance, with the signing of this Charter is committed to reducing its CO2 emissions through a 3 year action plan, including the implementation of the g CO2/tonne-kilometre monitoring indicator. Our professionals are fully aware of the implications of CO2 emissions. Training courses are provided by our training centre based in Chenevières in Eco-Driving to teach smart, smooth and safe driving techniques, cutting fuel consumption, reducing servicing costs and improving road safety. Transalliance also applies an environmental management policy for its properties, including the construction of warehouses that fully comply with HQE (High Quality Environmental) environmental standards and adapting its existing buildings. Ecologically sound materials for improving energy and water consumption and limiting sound pollution are used. All wastes are subject to environmental management systems, with monitoring of consumption, the reuse of waste through selective sorting on the logistics facilities, and the recovery of used oils and worn parts in the technical and repair centres. All employees are committed to trying to reduce their water, energy and paper consumption in their everyday lives: turning off lights on leaving a room, only printing documents when really necessary, turning off taps when not in use. Because what we do for ourselves, we do for you.

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