Logistics Design and Development - Tailor-made solutions

Specialised logistics services With experience stretching back 20 years in implementing high added value logistics services, we can guarantee an exceptional level of service for solutions including:

  • Co-packing
  • Co-manufacturing
  • Intermediate warehousing
  • End of chain delivery
  • Integrated logistics
  • Quality control

Logistics in brief


85 m€



Platforms operating throughout Europe

+ 30


+ 700 000

You want a warehouse specifically designed to meet your individual needs ?

We work with you right from the warehouse design stage, to ensure optimum efficiency. All the factors such as the geographic location, size and height of the warehouse, choice of materials and flow scheduling are defined jointly by you and transalliance Design.

Are you looking to reduce your warehousing costs to a minimum?

You can use our European multicustomer warehouse network, and move across borders. You will retain a perfect consistency in the service rates and reduce your costs (sharing of fixed costs and expenditure). Our strict quality procedures mean that we are able to make contractual commitments on the quality levels for the service provisions, and applicable throughout Europe.

Our Equateur WMS package

Created by TRANSALLIANCE R&D, and made available to all our customers, the Equateur software is a logistics dedicated package.

This WMS meets the most specific of requirements, delivering a customised level of management, and is used to guarantee the effi ciency of your platforms.

Transalliance Design , Our added value:

  • Logistics strategy
    Together, designing a productive and flexible supply chain
  • Transformation projects
    Guiding you every step of the way with your project
  • Operational performance
    Bringing operational excellence and economic performance

__Étude de cas, Logistique LUXEMBOURG

Flexible, and with an excellent reactive capability, we can adapt to your changing needs and quickly implement the best, most cost-effective solutions.

Logistics and production

Optimise your factory flows taking into consideration any specific pre-requisites

  • Raw materials, components and operating consumables, finished products
  • Flux
  • Quality control
  • Assembly or pre-assembly operations
  • Adapting to variations, changes in range or supply. Recognised experience in industrial implantation

Distribution logistics

Developing added value with your clients while preserving your logistics costs

  • Multi-mode supply
  • Order preparation
  • Quality control
  • Complete traceability
  • Processing of returned product
  • Promotional packaging
  • Guidance for your positioning, construction or platform adaptation projects Large project experience in terms of quantity, consignment size and diverse specifications

Packaging logisitcs

Facilitating and increasing the reliability of your packaging solutions

  • Protective packaging, safety bands
  • Kitting, branding, bagging
  • Shrink-wrapping, flocking, flame resitant packaging, covering
  • Labelling, neutral film wrapping
  • Packaging in boxes, cases, displays
  • Operation with the experience of managing significant fluctuations in packaging large or small series, size and diversification. Assistance in the design of specific packaging solutions

Transalliance Sustainable development

Transalliance as a company is well aware of the environmental impact of its business. We have a fully-fledged policy on sustainable development aimed at helping protect the environment.

__transport routier Transalliance

The signing of the voluntary road haulage industry Charter to reduce CO2 emissions

We have a 3 year action plan to cut our CO2 emissions, notably including the implementation of the g CO2/t.km monitoring indicator.

__transport routier Transalliance

The use of high environmental efficiency materials

In the construction of our warehouses (HQE standard), environmentally friendly waste management at our logistics sites: selective sorting, recycling of oils and used parts, etc.

__transport féroviaire Transalliance

The Ecoblue approach

All our employees are signing up to the Ecoblue approach.